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          In 1998 AeroWorx was founded under the name Aero Pneudraulics by President Gary Furlong. Mr. Furlong’s passion for aviation began when he was a child and grew stronger as the years passed. With over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, his passion for aerospace continues to grow.  In his early twenties, Mr. Furlong obtained his private pilot’s license so that he was able to fly his 1964 Cessna 150.  In 1972, as the Director of Engineering and Chief Inspector of Aero-Craft Hydraulics, the company was named most valuable repair station by U.S. Air, formally known as Alleghany Airlines. They were awarded for having the lowest unscheduled removal rate for DC-9 hydraulic pumps, including engine driven pumps, motor pumps, and power transfer units (PTU).

To this day, Mr. Furlong keeps his flying hours logged and his licensing up to date. As a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Mr. Furlong stays informed of the latest safety concerns, and learns about events and news that help to enhance his knowledge of general aviation.

Everyone at AeroWorx sees the hard work and dedication that Mr. Furlong has put into his company. He's an inspiration and mentor to his staff. His support and guidance has helped the company grow and his knowledge and commitment to aviation is prevalent  throughout the organization. “Gary is an encouragement to me and everyone in the shop. Not only is he a hard worker, but he is also a devoted employee of AeroWorx.  He’s usually the first person in the office each morning and the last person to leave each night.  With each new year, he maintains his enthusiasm to learn, which is an inspiration is for us all,” says AeroWorx’ Production Manager, Hugo Hernandez.

                AeroWorx is dual release EASA FAA repair station located in Torrance, California. With capabilities for commercial, military, rotary wing and business jet aircraft components, AeroWorx strives to remain the leading source of aviation maintenance for the aerospace industry. AeroWorx customers consist of top airlines, cargo carriers and military contractors from all over the world. For a quote, please contact AeroWorx sales department at